Ploughmans Lunch

23/07/2012 21:24

A “Ploughman’s Lunch,” is one of the most famous of pub lunches and is featured on most pub menus in Britain ~ so simple and yet so satisfying, especially if taken with a pint of real ale or cider. : )

Throughout the centuries, agricultural workers would take their lunch out to the fields with them. A ploughmans lunch is so easy to prepare and should consist of at least the following ~ Hunk of crusty bread,  a little butter, a selection of English Cheeses - a good wedge of mature cheddar is probably the most popular cheese to serve with a Ploughman’s, Stilton can also be used too. Pickled onions, chutney and pickles - either Branston Pickle or some piccalilli- a mustard based relish will insure that your Ploughman’s is authentic. Salad & fruit ~ a simple lettuce salad & tomatoes. Fresh fruit such as apple wedges or grapes.

Just arrange these ingredients on a plate and you've got yourself a Ploughman's lunch!
Makes excellent picnic food, so easy to pack and transport.