FROM Sandra Ananda

Subject: Your blog is like a dream...
So very beautiful... It totally matches the dream garden that I've been growing for years in my mind. Thank you for such an enlightened, sensitive work!
Sandra Ananda
Chikk Vintage


Subject: snake story
What a nice way to start the day, with a laugh about wildlife. Living on a small farm, wild animals are a way of life. Snakes can be very stubborn when it comes to eating.....whether its eggs or insects. Now if your snake will just eat stink bugs, we would really be ahead of the game. Best of luck in the future.

FROM:Barb(Owner D.Landreth Seed Company)

First thank you for all of your generous efforts on Landreth's behalf.
I know it takes time, a very precious item, to do what you have done and
we really appreciate and are grateful. It is going to be a tragedy if
Landreth disappears, for each of us as Americans. Everyday we are
bombarded with how terrible Americans are and how awful American
business is. Landreth is a living, breathing example of how good
Americans are and how honorably many American businesses have conducted
themselves - not just in the past few years but for centuries! I hope
we make. I work everyday to try to insure that we do. Only time will
tell and support from people like you and the people that you touch.
Once again, thank you.

FROM: nella interlandi
Subject: our vintage garden
absolutely joyful and pretty page...thankyou i've shared and will enjoy


Subject: Beautiful Site!

Just discovered you and love everything about your great site. Thanks and keep up the good work!

FROM:David Beaulieu(
Guide to Landscaping

Subject: Great Work!

Reversing roles (as you have commented many times on my site), I get to be the commenter this time, Scotty. The first thing I noticed about your site is how attractive it is: I love the vintage art work. And in terms of content, the kitchen-garden piece has me yearning for veggie gardening again, something that has been on a back burner for years due to space constraints where I currently live.

Many thanks from Mossy and myself.
I know what you mean about space constraints.There's many plants I want to grow but I'm running out of room.I think I'll put a garden on my roof;what the heck:)


Subject: I dearly love Our Vintage Garden

I just found your site today and can't stop reading.  I too, love gardening with heirloom seeds and plants.  They are so much better not only in taste but in their production.  I remember as a child going through my Grandmother's old seed catalogs planning my vegetable and flower gardens.  I love the vintage pictures, the butterflies and birds flying.  You just have a beautiful, relaxing site!

FROM:Marie Iannotti(Guide to Gardening

I love what you two have been doing. It’s funny you call it Our Vintage Garden. The title of a talk I give on heirlooms is called Vintage Vegetables. Great minds... I’ll have to stop by and visit more often, although I may use my cat’s photo as my avatar. Or maybe lily of the valley.

From; Scotty


Hey, I really like the new look. Is this something new you were working on. I read through the stories, some of them again. Great reading, informative but humorous. Of course I just love to browse in Mossy's Place. Love the garden too, you did a good job. I wonder, did you get the acorn squash? And how is the snake? Is he still hanging around. I love Tom's story, Florida is different than we northerner's know that's for sure, I'm afraid I could picture many of the plants, trees and bushes he described either. But it does sound beautiful doesn't it.

I'll be back for more reading and browsing....

Thanks Linda.I'm glad you like the new look.Don't get too used to it though.Mossy,being a woman,likes to move the furniture around:)
I have many squash but it's getting too cold for George the Garter snake in my pole beans so he has moved into my shed.He comes out to sun himself though.
Yes,I loved Tom's story.I'll read it many times over the course of my long,cold winter.


I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through the pages and voting in your polls. A great variety to look at and I'll be back to read more another time. Thank you.
Found this addy on Scotty's profile on 'Over the Garden Gate'. See, putting it up there, does work!

Cheers Louise

Thanks for the kind words.Yes,I have no shame when it comes to 'addies' as you call them.I put them everywhere:)

FROM:Anyes Kadowaki Busby (The Dusty Victorian)

Greetings from Southern Ontario, Canada,
You have a very informative and entertaining site. Your Victorian images is what brought me to your site and I had the pleasure of discovering that you had more to offer. I especially like that you have incorporated visual art (Edward Gorey style portraits are fantastic) and the art of cooking.
One of my blogs is The Dusty Victorian and my latest post is about my garden. I took the liberty of linking your site to mine, with a thank you note at the end.
Kind regards,


 I stumbled onto this website when I was reading your link about your compost squash. The only thing I am not thrilled with, is ( to my knowledge ) I have to go somewhere else to see if they sell the seeds. That, however, is no problem.

I have come to know that I can trust what you say about plants.
Have a great day ! !

Thanks Anne.Yes,I'm afraid we don't sell seeds here at Vintage but the links in the heirloom section are some of the best seed sources on the net.Cheers.

 FROM:Sukhmandir Kaur (Guide to Sikhism)

Subject: carrot ginger soup
I just had to look at this: Last night we made fresh carrot ginger juice with our juicer very tasty, i can well imagine the flavor of this soup, and if we have any leftovers will know just what to do with it. Very nice effort going on here your recipes are very well thought out and  I  love that you cook with abandon :)

You guys have a very cool site.I love it.Everything from seed to stomach:)

The Carrot and Ginger soup is a nice warming soup, its delicious anytime. I find it especially good for those cold winter months.
Thanks for dropping by the kitchen for a chat. : )

 FROM:Tom Cadenhead (Tom Saw , The Forestry

The colors and secrets of Our Vintage Garden are so relaxing and welcoming.


Subject:A robin helps me to remember.

Beautifully written!

I love your style.