Salmon Fish Cakes

21/07/2012 19:30

Grab a can of salmon from the pantry for these quick and easy fishcakes.
Serves 4

350g Potatoes, peeled & quartered
25g Butter
1 tbsp Milk
1 tbsp Fresh chopped parsley
2 tbsp Plain flour
1 Egg, lightly beaten
Olive oil
75g Homemade breadcrumbs
213g Can red salmon, drained
Salt & Blackpepper

Preheat the oven - 220C (200C fan oven) 425F / Gas mark 7

Put the potatoes in a pan of cold water and bring to the boil. Simmer for arond 20 minutes, till tender. Drain and return to pan. Mash together with butter & milk, till lovely and smooth, season well with salt and blackpepper, then put into a large bowl.

Add the drained salmon & parsley, plus 1 tbsp of the egg, and the flour to bind the mixture togther. Leave to cool. Divide the mixture into four and shape into flat cakes with floured hands. Brush the fishcakes all over with the remaining egg, then pop them onto a baking tray that's covered with breadcrumbs, turning them until well coated in the breadcrumbs. Pop into the freezer for about 15 minutes, until firm. Put the fishcakes on a lined baking tray and drizzle each cake with olive oil. Pop in the oven and bake for about 15 minutes or till the fishcakes are golden. Serve with chunky chips and a wedge of lemon, or a mixed leaf salad.