24/07/2012 09:04

 Pomegranates always remind me of Christmas.

Crack these little orbs open and hidden inside you shall find little crimson jewels bursting with flavour. To me they are very festive adding a beautiful ruby-red colour to Christmas dishes. Pomegranates are very versatile and can be used with either sweet or savoury dishes.

Try sprinkling the seeds over desserts, fruit salads, rice dishes, ice cream or other savoury dishes.  Or just simply eat them on their own as a snack. You can also extract the juice from them as well.

When choosing your pomegranate, select one that feels heavy, as this means it will be full of juice and ripe. Also it should have a glossy pinkish - red skin, free from any blemishes or broken skin. They will keep in the fridge or a cool place for many weeks if not months.

Watch out! - when cutting or eating a pomegranate, their juice stains!