Basil Pesto

21/07/2012 19:37

BASIL ~ Basil has a warm, spicy aroma. It is the perfect partner to Italian foods. Great used in all tomato dishes, on pizza, and is the main ingredient in pesto.

Try this easy to make fresh basil pesto that goes with just about anything. - Marinade chicken fillets or lamb steaks with pesto and bake in the oven. Add to soups to enrich the taste. Stir through pasta. Or Spread on fish fillets, such as cod, wrap in greaseproof paper, pop in the oven and bake.


Preheat the oven to mark 200C/ 400F/Gas 6

Place 40g of Pinenuts on a baking tray then cook for about 3-4mins until lightly toasted. ( this gives the pinenuts a lovely flavour)

Put 60g of Basil and 1 large Garlic Clove - peeled & sliced. 1/2 teasp Sea Salt and the toasted Pinenuts into a food processor. Pulse until all combined.

With the food processor motor still running, drizzle in 150ml Olive Oil. Then stir in 100g grated Parmesan Cheese and season with Black pepper.

TIP ~ The Pesto will keep in the fridge for upto two weeks.

You can also try this recipe using different herbs, why not try..

CORIANDER AND CHILLI ~ Swap the basil for the same amount of coriander and add 2 deseeded and chopped chillies.

MINT AND FETA ~ Use fresh mint instead of basil, and use feta cheese in place of the parmesan - Brilliant served with lamb or stirred into pasta with grilled peppers.